Back pain and Rehabilitation


   A tailored approach to your condition

One of the keys to recovering from an episode of back pain or surgery, and to help avoid future recurrences of back pain, is to pursue appropriate rehabilitation and exercise.

At Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic our expert team can provide injury sufferers with a comprehensive exercise regime where necessary. This may include a combination of stretching, strengthening and aerobic conditioning of the back and body.

While some of these muscles are used in everyday life, most do not get adequate exercise from daily activities and require specific exercise to help build strength and tone. Strengthening the core musculature offers much needed support to the spine and helps improve the stability of the spine and reduce further incidence of injury.

Depending on the specific diagnosis and level of pain, the exercise program may be very different from case to case, and our specialist chiropractors are specifically trained to develop an appropriate exercise program and provide instruction to you on the correct form it should take as well as technique.

A rehabilitation programme is ideally designed for people suffering with low back pain, who are looking for a way to return to a fully active lifestyle.

Getting you back on your feet again

Our unique programmes can combine your low back treatment with a tailormade exercise programme, which is complemented with advice and education on low back pain management. Education of how to self manage symptoms of low back pain is a major part of the rehabilitation process.

To that end we offer a popular complimentary health class for the benefit of all new patients to educate them specifically on how to care for an injured spine and recover faster from injuries.

The aim of our rehabilitation programmes are to return our clients to normal everyday activity, including improved functional ability and help them achieve pre-agreed personal goals which may also include weight management.


Every New client that consults us undergoes an indepth initial consultation which includes flexibility and postural studies as well as orthopaedic and neurological examinations. This in conjunction with a detailed case history and possibly x rays helps us diagnose your problem fully and get to the root of the problem. We can then discuss with you the part rehabilitation can play in your overall recovery.

Our chiropractors will co-ordinate these programmes for patients and offer all advice and instruction needed to complete the programme and this can normally be begun whilst a person is undergoing treatment.

Once each individual’s fitness, flexibility and strength are assessed, personal goals established.

The programme focuses on developing normal movement through an aerobic and strengthening programme. Building strength, stability and suppleness of ‘core muscles’ (tummy muscles) and of the back are integral to this programme. A strong emphasis is also placed on building cardiovascular fitness for each individual. Participants are provided with information and advice about their problem. They are educated about their problem and instructed in areas such as exercise and postural care. Advice may be given on managing daily living tasks such as manual handling and as well as ergonomics advice.


These rehabilitation programmes are based on a worldwide renowned model and have marked success in addressing chronic back pain and enabling individuals to return to a fuller more active lifestyle.
To examine if our services may be of benefit to your injury call our clinic today to schedule an appointment, our team stand ready to be of assistance.