Feb 11

4 Ways to Strengthen your Back

Building Core Muscles Helps Protect you from Back Injury…
The Chiropractic team at Gorey Family Chiropractic are not only concerned with treatment, we also incorporate the benefits of exercise and rehabilitation in combination with treatment to return the spine to a strong stable condition preventing future episodes of back pain. So how can we do this?

Our back muscles are involved in every move we make. The spinal system includes muscles along with the bones, discs, joints and ligaments in the trunk and abdominal area, together known as the core. This complex system helps our bodies twist, turn, bend, extend and bear stress from everyday activities.
Weakness, imbalance or tightness in the muscles that support the spine creates imbalance and can lead to abnormal posture, muscle fatigue and back pain.
The following exercises suitable for all levels help build core muscles to protect the spine and help prevent back pain. There are a number of different ways to strengthen your core. The exercises you choose will depend on whether you have had back problems before, and your age. Be sure to discuss any exercise program with one of our Gorey Family Chiropractic team if you are unsure or if you are in pain at the moment.

1. Pool exercises (easy)

Pool walking is a low-impact way to build core muscles. As you move, the core works against the force of the water. This is gentle on extremities such as knees, hips, ankles and feet.

2. Exercise ball (medium/difficult)

Exercise videos or specific instruction from one of the Gorey Family Chiropractic team will help you understand how to use an exercise ball appropriately. These exercises are deceptively simple and with practice, you can increase the intensity gradually to great effect.

3. Floor exercises (medium/difficult)

A popular core booster is the side plank. Lie on your right side with your right hand on the ground. (Beginners should use the elbow.) Lift yourself up to form a plank, with your right arm straight and left arm at your side. Hold the position, then repeat. Be sure to keep the body in a straight line while tightening the abdominals and gluts.

4. Mind-body workouts (easy to difficult)

Disciplines such as tai chi, Yoga and Pilates help target core muscles. Sign up for a class or rent a DVD exercise program to try at home.  Tai chi is low impact and ideal for people with a history of musculoskeletal problems. Choose “relaxation” yoga for lower impact. Pilates is centered around building core strength and improving posture.
No matter what you do, the key is to find an activity appropriate for your body — one that you enjoy and will stick with so you can continue to build a strong, healthy back. Good Luck and message us if you have any questions 😉

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Jan 30

Suffering Sciatica in Wexford, in need of treatment?

by Yvonne Gallagher D.C MSc Chiropractic

 If you have suffered with Low back pain or Sciatica you are certainly not alone. Most people in their lifetime will suffer at least one episode of low back pain but unfortunately for most this is not a solitary experience. A person can experience multiple episodes of low back pain- hoping each time it will just go away.

A condition called Sciatica occurs when the low back pain does not just localise in the low back but also runs down the leg along the course of the sciatic nerve.  Here at Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic we aim to prevent the unneccessary steps often taken and provide a comprehensive solution focusing on treating the root cause of the problem. Since our establishment in Gorey in 2005 we have treated over 4000 clients from Arklow, Enniscorthy, Wexford, Wicklow and  Carlow, many of those  requiring treatment for low back pain and or sciatica. So let’s examine this difficult condition….

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica refers to a pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve- the sciatic nerve being the longest nerve in the body which branches from the lower back into the hip and buttocks and travels down the back of your leg to the toes. Typically Sciatica affects only one side of the body.

There are many causes of Sciatica but most commonly Sciatica occurs when tissue of the spine compresses or irritates part of the nerve for instance a prolapsing disc or a bony spur. This causes inflammation, pain, sometimes accompanied by numbness or pins and needles in the affected leg with occasionally weakness of the affected  leg also present.

Although the pain associated with Sciatica can be severe, most cases resolve well with conservative care (for instance Chiropractic treatment, anti inflammatories, modification of activities). Surgery is only recommended as a last resort for cases where there has been a failure to recover after  conservative care measures have been administered or if the spinal injury is very severe.

Sciatica Symptoms

Pain which radiates from your lower back to the buttocks and down the back of your leg is the most familiar and common symptoms of sciatica.  You may feel discomfort anywhere along the nerve pathway but it is most likely to present in the low back, buttocks and the back of your thigh and calf.

Often clients presenting to Gorey Family Chiropractic that have experienced sciatica describe a tightness in the leg and throbbing sensation in the calf and these types of symptoms can mislead them from thinking they have an issue with the back.
The pain can vary widely from a mild ache to a sharp, burning sensation or excruciating discomfort.  Often people experiencing sciatica can feel an electric shock sensations.  It may be worse when you cough or sneeze and prolonged sitting can aggravate symptoms.

Causes of Sciatica

•    Herniated discs
•    Spinal stenosis
•    Piriformis syndrome
•    Trauma
•    Lifestyle factors
•    Bony spurs
•    Spondylothesis

Risk factors for Sciatica

Occupation:  A job which requires you to twist your back, carry heavy loads or drive for long periods can increase the likelihood of the  development of sciatica.

Prolonged sitting:  People who sit for long periods of time or have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to develop sciatica than active people.
Obesity:  Excess weight increases the stress on your spine and contributes to the spinal changes such as bony spurs which can cause sciatica. The lack of fitness of the core muscles is also contributory.
Age:   Age related changes in the spine such as degenerated discs and bony spurs can predispose individuals to the development of sciatica if they injure the spine.

Prevention of Sciatica

Strong Core:
Keeping the core muscles strong reduces the risk of herniated/prolapsed discs, a common cause of sciatica.  A strong core is needed to maintain proper posture, which takes stress of the spinal joints and discs.

Low impact aerobic exercises are also recommended as they help increase the endurance of the core muscles.  Walking, swimming and using a bike are examples of good low impact exercises.

Stretching on a daily basis is very important particularly stretches which promote flexibility between the vertebrae improving the elasticity of the spine reducing the incidence of simple back strains/ sprains or more complicated injuries involving the disc or nerve roots.

Adequate support is required to prevent slouching, which places excessive stress on the lower  back.  A straight line should exist between the ear, shoulder, elbow and hip whilst sitting thereby creating good alignment and reducing postural strain on the spine which contributes to back or neck pain.

A good supportive mattress is also important. Mattresses that are too hard or too soft do not offer appropriate support to the back. Consider choosing a medium firmness pocket sprung orthopaedic mattress.

Avoid prolonged sitting or standing, which again can increase the stress  and strain on the lower back particularly if you are employed in an occupation which requires this day to day. Try to move and stretch periodically.

What do you do if your Sciatic Nerve Flares up?

  •  Try to keep mobile- bed rest is not advisable
  •  Use an ice pack on the lower back for 20 minutes to reduce inflammation and repeat every 1-2 hours
  •   Do not use heat on the area
  • Anti inflammatories, painkillers and muscle relaxants are often recommended to help ease the pain but should not be used to mask symptoms on an ongoing basis.
  •  If the pain persists seek professional advice from your local Chiropractic Association of Ireland Chiropractor

How to Find Relief from Sciatica?

Sciatica can be extremely painful and debilitating and should the symptoms fail to ease, guidance from a trained healthcare professional with experience in the diagnosis and management of Sciatica is advisable.

Here at Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic we offer diagnosis of the causes of sciatica with onsite x ray facilities available and provide treatment for low back pain and Sciatica as well as offering lifestyle and ergonomics advice and exercise rehabilitation. Should MRI be clinically necessary we can refer patients directly.

We strive to correct the root of the problem and aim to improve the flexibility and  the stability of the spine.  We will encourage a rehabilitation programme if appropriate as we are committed to decreasing the likelihood of future episodes of low back pain and sciatica.

Many of our clients we have seen  from the Gorey, Arklow, Wexford, Wicklow and  Carlow areas have come to our chiropractors at Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic as a last resort having found that their medication or procedures had not worked for them, sometimes in the short and sometimes in the longer term.

We Look Forward to Helping You..

We realise it can be confusing knowing where to choose for your healthcare services. If you, a friend or family member requires low back pain or sciatica treatment, we sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence shown by choosing our services at Gorey Family Chiropractic and look forward to helping you in the future.

If you are suffering from low back pain or sciatica and are based around Gorey, Enniscorthy, Wexford, Arklow, Wicklow or Carlow it may be time to be professionally evaluated .  Why not call Gorey Family Chiropractic today to make an initial consultation appointment.

For your convenience all of our Chiropractic team are registered with VHI, Aviva and Laya Healthcare allowing clients claim reimbursement from a wide range of private healthcare Insurance providers.

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Jan 18

Do Chiropractors help Patients with Headaches?

By Dr. Michael Veal BSc (HONS) D.C. CCEP

Well for people who have successfully seen chiropractors for treatment this is an easy question to answer. The answer of course being YES!!! However, there are many people in the local areas of Gorey Arklow and Wexford who suffer from Headaches who have never heard of Chiropractors or never had Chiropractic explained to them properly, so have never realised the overwhelming benefit Chiropractic treatment can have for headache sufferers.

At Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic, we have seen many patients over the years suffering from headaches particularly  and the most common thing we hear after Chiropractic  treatment for headaches is that they wished they had treatment years ago or that they wished they knew a link existed between poor function of their neck and their headaches. So if you’re sitting reading this and are suffering from headaches, let’s go through the causes and treatment of the most common types of headaches and what the options are for treatment outside of your pain medication.

1.)    Tension Headaches (Also known as Stress Headaches or Cervicogenic headaches)
This is the most common type of headache, with an estimated 80% related to stress. This can be due to both physical (poor posture, joint dysfunction in your neck etc) or psychological (work deadlines, stress etc).

Several of the nerves that exit the highest proportion of the neck loop back to travel over the top of the head to the forehead. These nerves pass through a triangle of muscles below the skull called the sub-occipital triangle.  (see below)

If the muscles become irritated (i.e. due to physical or psychological stress) they tighten, squeezing the nerves passing through the triangle. This can create pain in the base of the skull, temples, forehead, bridge of the nose or behind the eyes. It can also be accompanied by tightness and pain in the upper part of the neck and is also often noticed in the muscles at the base of the neck towards the back of your shoulders.

Evidence based research has demonstrated clear benefits between chiropractic care and this form of headache. This is through addressing the underlying issues that cause the headache i.e the joint stiffness, muscular tightness, muscular imbalances, postural problems.

2.)    Sinus Headaches

When a sinus becomes infected, inflamed and congested it usually causes pain. There can also be fever related to the condition. The sinus headache is usually worse when waking in the morning because mucous has been collecting and draining while you were laying down. It’s also worse when you go from a warm house out into the cold, or when you bend over or lie down.

These type of headaches can be treated by your General Practitioner with antibiotics, as well as antihistamines or decongestants. But if that doesn’t work in the long term, it may be worthwhile being assessed by your local Chiropractor to evaluate whether other underlying spinal factors could be contributing and making your headaches worse.  Should this not be the case a referral can then be recommended to an appropriate specialist.

3.)  Migraine Headaches

Chiropractic care has long been shown to be a very safe and effective form of treatment for Migraine headaches. Migraines can be caused by a number of trigger factors e.g diet but links have always existed between migraines and poor function of the neck.

Exciting research by dental researchers recently came to a very interesting conclusion for the onset of Migraines.  The researchers found a small ligament that connected the upper most vertebra (the Atlas) of the spine to the outer layer of the spinal cord (the dura mater). It was theorized that abnormal position or motion of the Atlas bone would likely place tension on the spinal cord altering the cerebro-spinal fluid pressure in the brain.
Thankfully, Chiropractic treatment of the spinal joints has been shown to restore proper joint motion and position and this often provides relief and improved quality of life for migraine headache sufferers.

Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic: Supporting your Recovery

We realise it can be confusing knowing where to choose for your healthcare services. If you, a friend or family member requires care for  headaches, neck or back pain, we sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence shown by choosing our services at Gorey Family Chiropractic and look forward to helping you in the future.

If you are suffering from any of the types of headaches mentioned and are based around Gorey, Wexford, Arklow or Carlow it may be time to be checked.  Why not call Gorey Family Chiropractic today to make an initial consultation appointment.

For your convenience all of our clinical team are registered with VHI, Aviva and Laya Healthcare allowing clients claim reimbursement from a wide range of private healthcare Insurance providers.

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Dec 12

Do your feet need support from a custom made insole/ orthotic?

We spend so much of our time on our feet; walking, running, working or playing sports it’s no wonder that the number of people who suffer foot pain or knee pain from the stress and strain put on their feet is quite staggering. Throw some bunions or collapsed arches into the mix and its an eventual recipe for disaster. Foot pain can be quite crippling when it strikes…so where does it come from?


  • An average person walks approx 12,000 steps per day (or 4 miles)
  • A person will walk 4 times around the earth circumference in a lifetime
  • A person places 500,000 kilos of pressure on their feet in a lifetime
  • 83% of Irish Population will suffer from an acute episode of foot or foot related pain, the majority of which are treatable and even preventable with proper foot care and Orthotics.

How do feet affect other areas of your body?

The feet have a direct impact on the rest of a person’s body.  Like the foundation of a house, your feet support the weight of everything above them.

When a small problem develops in your feet, a subtle change in the way you walk will cause a chain reaction of adjustments in your posture and way of walking.  These changes can put stress on joints higher up in your body like those of the knees, hips and lower back which leads to the development of muscular and skeletal problems and pains elsewhere. It can be pointless to treat these other injuries without considering where the root of the problem lies. This brings us on to the topic of orthotics and their use as a treatment.

What do Orthotics do and how can they help?

Tog Custom made Orthotics work on your feet much like glasses work on your eyes- they reduce stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into proper alignment.

Custom made Orthotics are designed in such a way that they fit comfortably like an insole in your shoe and but have the advantage of having been custom made for exact imprints of your feet.

Custom made Tog orthotics are biomechanical medical appliances which are made to correct your own specific foot imbalances rather than the generic off the shelf model model which is not specific.


How are Orthotics Created?

We offer  TOG Gait Scan technology at Gorey Family Chiropractic which allows a scan of an individual’s foot to be taken and from this information a custom made insole is created which works both correctively and preventatively.   This state of the art technology therefore looks beyond just treating symptoms but determines the root cause of the problem and addresses the malfunction of the foot that has led to the foot pain or problems.

This also relieves abnormal strain off other tissues and structures further up the leg, which can lead to knee pain, hip pain and even contribute to lower back pain. By balancing and buffering the forces exerted during walking, orthotics help to restore normal balance and take pressure off other muscles and joints.

This is particularly helpful for runners or sports people where small foot malfunctions are more pronounced and influential in causing injuries whilst running.

Common conditions where orthotics can be necessary or beneficial in the overall management include

  • Plantar Fasciitis,
  • Shin Splints
  • Ilio-tibial band Syndrome,
  • Fallen arches
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Heel Spurs

Lifetime Guarantee:

Tog Orthotics carry a lifetime guarantee against cracking to the supportive Orthotic shell.

If you are suffering from any of the types of  problem mentioned and are based around Gorey, Wexford, Arklow or Carlow it may be time to be checked.  Why not call Gorey Family Chiropractic today speak to one of our friendly team who will be happy to arrange a Tog Gait Scan assessment  to evaluate the need or benefits to be gained from Tog orthotics specific to your own individual requirements.


For further information on this product, please see the Tog Orthotics video on the practice videos section on our website http://www.chiropractor.ie/5,gallery,orthotics_patient_education_dvd.html

For your convenience all of our clinical team are registered with VHI, Aviva and Laya Healthcare allowing clients claim reimbursement from a wide range of private healthcare Insurance providers.

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Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic, Railway Road, Gorey, Co Wexford.

Dec 10

The Gorey Family Chiropractic Christmas Shopping Survival Guide

Take the back pain out of shopping this Christmas

Don’t shop till you drop this Christmas.  There’s a right way and a wrong way to shop and it’s important to recognise the physical strain that shopping can place on your body and your back in particular.

We find that there are more back, neck and shoulder injuries suffered during the run up to  Christmas  and eventually evaluated and treated at Gorey Family Chiropractic than at any other time of year and  there’s a few different reasons for this.

Many times people walk long distances on uneven and unforgiving surfaces. Some battle on in high heel shoes trying to carry heavy bags coupled with standing in queues.  The constant struggle with bulky bags over a long day can place huge stress and strain on your spine but particularly if you’ve had back pain before.

The team here at Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic have put together a list of potential aggravatory factors to help inform you on what to watch out for and ease the strain on your back this Christmas!

Survival Guide Tips:
1. Take your time shopping. 

”But I haven’t got enough time”, we hear you say. Organisation is the key to success for anyone who is recovering from a back injury. Have a clear plan of action, of where to go & what you need to get. It is important to give yourself time, so that you can factor in a couple of coffee breaks to take strain off your back even for just a few minutes.
The pressure of walking with bags all day can send an unstable low back over the edge so pace yourself according to your stage of recovery and strength. Bear in mind also that stress also leads to increased tension and a greater chance of muscle strain.

2. Park close to the shops.

This is really important for anyone with a current injury. There’s nothing worse than having to walk miles and miles back to the car, with your hands full of shopping bags, feeling a deep soreness in your shoulders or low back. It’s a definite recipe for disaster! Instead, park the car close by and do a few trips with lighter bags. Your body will definitely thank you for it.
3. Start off light and consider your shoes.
Ladies, empty any enormous handbags of any unnecessary weight or opt for a smaller bag and only carry essential items that you need for the day ahead.  A bag that you can carry across your body is far better for distributing weight more effectively than a one sided model. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, no high heels. You know you will suffer otherwise!
4. Carrying and Lifting Bags the Right Way.
Carry shopping bags evenly in each hand to distribute weight – where you can access trolleys, throw everything in and give your shoulders a break. Try not to carry parcels or shopping in front of you as this can cause greater strain on your lower back.
Remember also to bend those knees when lifting off the floor and think about tightening the tummy muscles when lifting heavy groceries into and out of cars. This helps support your spine when you do so.
This is an area where people can come unstuck. Get help bringing the groceries out at the supermarket if you know you need it it’s best not to take the chance if it can be avoided.
5. Dress for the weather.

It sounds obvious but there is a relationship for some between the cold weather and increased muscle strain. Holding yourself stiff if you re feeling the cold places strain on muscle tissues, which for some can lead to strain or in the worst case spasm.The neck and shoulders are particularly sensitive to this problem so think about wearing extra layers and wear a scarf if you’ve suffered neck problems in the past.
6. Can heavy items be bought online?
For bigger heavier items, check if they can be purchased online and minimize the hassle and the strain.
Hopefully this guide will help troubleshoot some of the most common causes of back pain seen at Gorey Family Chiropractic.
New Injury Requiring Evaluation and Treatment this Christmas?
For anyone who has unfortunately recently injured their back   or who is suffering back or neck pain that requires treatment we will have appointments as normal in the run up to Christmas and during Christmas week on Christmas Eve morning and as normal on the 27th and 28th of December.
Call the practice team on 053 94 83338 or email info@chiropractor.ie

 “We don’t just wish you Good Health this Christmas and New Year, Gorey Family Chiropractic will help you to achieve it”

Nov 12

Keep Golfing Through the Seasons with Gorey Family Chiropractic

Keep back pain and other aches and pains at bay while out on the green

Michael Veal D.C BSc Hons Chiropractic

Do you think you can play the whole year with your golf friends – especially if you have arthritis and and suffered back pain?

The answer is yes! You can feel good throughout the year, but it will take a little common sense and preparation. In fact, studies have found that at least 40 percent of golfers play with injuries. This is not necessarily a good thing!

Unfortunately research shows that unaddressed injuries often can become chronic. Most golf injuries occur in the lower back, elbows or shoulders. In addition, the most common kind of arthritis — osteoarthritis– occurs in the hands, hips, knees, neck or lower back.

At Gorey Family Chiropractic we diagnose, treat and rehabilitate lot’s of Golfers from predominantly the counties of Wexford, Wicklow and Carlow and we understand what a passionate bunch you are so here are some tips to help keep you playing throughout the year and minimize strain on your bodies and on any pre-existing injuries. So lets get started…

Before You Play

  • Think about your target weight. Overweight golfers put significant impact on various bodily joints causing pain and worsening arthritis.
  • Do warm ups. Techniques as simple as a brisk five- to 10-minute walk prior to going to the practice range can help. The team at Gorey Family Chiropractic are more than happy to discuss the most appropriate warm up exercises for your condition and to avoid causing back pain.
  • Drink plenty of water. Your body is typically in a dehydrated state in the morning. It is helpful to drink one and a half bottles of water – before your round and between one and three bottles during your round depending on the time of year. Please check with your chiropractor if you have medical conditions that restrict fluid intake.
  • Eat light. Try to eat a small meal one to two hours before play or practice. Large meals in your stomach move blood away from your brain and muscles affecting play and performance. Low fat, lean protein and complex carbohydrates are preferred.
  • Wear supports if needed. Aids, including oversized grips (if you have hand arthritis) or spikeless golf shoes will help to reduce the increased rotational stress on hips, knees and ankles in the typical golf swing. There are many braces / supports (for arthritic knees) to minimize pain during the golf swing.
  • Plan ahead. If possible, meet with a golf professional to examine your technique or ask one of your Gorey Family Chiropractic team about what exercises are appropriate for you to avoid back pain before the season starts so that a conditioning or strengthening program is created that is easy to work into your daily routine.

During Play

  • Walk, don’t ride. Try to minimize your time riding in a golf buggy. If you are able, switch to walking or riding with your partner every other hole. That will help protect your back muscles from spasm during the constant bounce of the cart.
  • Choose drinks wisely. Hydrate with water or sports drinks that do not have high sugar content which in some can contribute to the development of diabetes and gout.  Avoid alcoholic drinks which will dehydrate your body further.
  • Bring healthy snacks. Eat snacks that are high in carbohydrates and low in fat such as bananas, dried fruits (raisins, cherries or cranberries), energy bars with whole grains (wheat or oats) and nuts such as almonds or peanuts.

After Play

  • Stretch: Do static stretching exercises after your golf round (not before).
  • Ice: For painful or recently injured areas, ice for 15 to 20 minutes. Avoid heat to an affected area, as it will increase circulation and inflammation.
  • Eat and rehydrate: Within two hours of a round of golf, it’s important to replace stores of glycogen(our body’s primary source of energy) in the muscles and liver for a full recovery and for optimal performance the next day.

Above all have a great time out there from all the team at Gorey Family Chiropractic and remember to keep  the back pain or other injury niggles in check throughout the golf season!

New Injury Not Recovering?

Unfortunately if you have recently injured your back and your back pain has not subsided or if you have never had the cause of your back pain diagnosed or evaluated, you may be in need of professional assistance to diagnose your condition accurately and treat it effectively.

With all new patients we initially conduct a thorough physical assessment which includes orthopaedic and neurological testing as well as X rays (facilities on-site) where clinically necessary. That in conjunction with a careful examination of the history of the complaint and lifestyle factors allows us to determine the diagnosis of the condition so that the most effective form of treatment and management may be undertaken.

Call our clinic today where one of our friendly team would be delighted to help schedule an initial appointment.

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Oct 11

Housework and Back Pain; How to Minimise it (that is, the Back Pain)

By Dr. Olivia O’ Leary D.C. BSc Hons

How not to clean the windows…

As boring as it can be you simply can’t get away from day to day housework.  At Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic we commonly see people suffering and aggravated by back pain as a result of repetitive physical activities around the house. This month we thought we’d offer some practical advice on how to get it done with the minimum of physical strain, particularly on our backs.

90% of people will experience some back pain in their life, but it is not the housework that is to blame, it’s the way we perform the housework that’s causing the problem. In most people’s cases, there is usually some prior injury to the spine or pelvis, with the housework just aggravating the problem further.

So lets look at some of the most common household tasks, and some of the suggestions that our team at Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic have put forward to prevent and ease back pain:


When you are hoovering or mopping, most people will reach forward with their dominant arm and bend forward at the waist whilst simultaneously twisting. Doing this action again and again, puts considerable strain on the muscles of the lower back.



To avoid twisting your back, you need to keep your hips and shoulders moving in the direction of the work. It is extremely important to stop bending over, so place one foot forward and bend slightly at the knee, this will allow you to keep your back straight.


Just like the hoovering and mopping, bending repeatedly to do the laundry or fill the dishwasher, puts continuous strain on the muscles and joints of the spine.

You may be wondering how do you then overcome the problem of having to bend forward and pick up those dirty socks from under the bed?


Use a technique called the Golfers Reach. This technique greatly reduces the strain on your back.

For example, when you reach forward with your right hand, balance the action by lifting up your left leg. Make sure you use your other hand to hold onto a work surface to provide support. Remember, if you reach further forward with your hand lift the opposite leg higher.

Always remember if not in the Golfers reach position, you must bend your knees. It sounds obvious but this is where the majority of injuries in the lower back occur from, inappropriate bending technique.

Changing the way you do the housework can help prevent and alleviate acute back pain.

However, still getting back pain……?

Symptoms that are continuing for more than one month indicate a deeper underlying condition. If the condition continues, becomes more constant, or the pain is gradually increasing in severity, don’t ignore the situation.

Call Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic today on 053 94 83338 where one of our expert team will be happy to assist you and get to the root of your problem.

Aug 28

Back to School with Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic


Make Walking To School a Habit!

To coincide with National Walk to School Week and most importantly the return of primary and secondary children to School this week in Ireland the United Chiropractic Association of which Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic are members are encouraging families to improve their health and well-being and introduce more walking into the daily lifestyle of their children.

Back to School with Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic

The Facts

Did you know that the number of children traveling to school by car has doubled over the past 20 years[1] and it is not only harmful to the environment but also to your pocket with the annual average costs for a school run topping €505 [2].

Exercise is an effective and important tool for ensuring the future health of our children. Obesity is now the second largest cause of death[3] and in a recent test carried out on children, it was seen on average that children who walked to and from school used more calories than a 2 hour PE lesson.[4] 9 out of 10 teachers believe that walking to school makes children brighter, more alert and ready for the first class of the day.

Walking is a terrific form of exercise that strengthens your body and helps to position the spine in the natural shape it was designed for – being upright. Regular walking helps to build up core strength and allows you to breathe better and as a result reduces fatigue and minimises other side-effects associated with bad posture.

As Chiropractors we are strongly committed to keeping future generations moving, and are trained professionals who realise the difference that simple, healthy lifestyle modifications such as walking to school or work can have on an individual’s health.

Here are some of our top tips and reasons to make walking to school become a habit!

  • Walking with your child is a great time to spend quality time with them and talk about things you don’t always have time for. It will also give you opportunity to meet other parents and children
  • If your child walks without you then ensure they are familiar with the route and have road safety awareness. (The U.K charity, Living Streets, warns that parents who try to keep their children safe by driving them to school are depriving them of the opportunity to learn road sense, putting them at greater risk when they do start traveling to school independently).
  • Check out if your school has a ‘walking bus’ where groups of children are chaperoned by a few adults on the journey to and from school with pick up and drop off points rather like a bus service.
  • Make sure your child’s backpack is not too heavy, that it is worn on both shoulders and that the weight is distributed evenly as this can cause back ache and postural problems.
  • Ensure your child’s footwear is comfortable and appropriate for walking.
  • If you do live quite far from school why not try and park further away and walk the difference – 10 to 15 minutes exercise can help your child keep in shape and keep extra pounds off.
  • Think of the environment and the money you could be saving as well as avoiding stress from the traffic and parking.

Last year over in the U.K over one million children in over 4000 schools ditched the school run as part of Walk to School Week, let’s make the numbers even greater this year!

Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic News

If you as a parent this September are concerned about your child’s

  • Posture
  • Complaints concerning Low Back or Neck Pain
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[2]Figure is based on approved mileage rates from Revenue Commissioners

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[4]Study by Roger L Mackett of the Centre for Transport Studies, University College London

Jul 16

Neck Pain, Poor Posture and Women: How to Avoid a Hunchback Posture

by Olivia O’ Leary D.C BSc Hons Chiropractic

We have been practicing Chiropractic in Gorey, County Wexford for over seven years now. One of the most common problems we see in clinic are patient’s complaining of neck pain. And what can particularly disturb female patients, apart from the pain itself, is when they also notice the development of what can be known as a hunchback posture.

Over time, poor posture may be caused by habits from everyday activities such as sitting at a desk, looking at the computer, driving, standing for long periods of time, or even sleeping.  As many as 63 percent of all office workers will suffer from neck pain sometime this year, with women at particular risk, according to a recent comprehensive review of neck pain studies.

Poor posture is partly to blame for this: with an ever-increasing dependence on computers the main contributory. Happily, some of the main factors affecting posture and ergonomics are completely within a person’s ability to control and are not difficult to change.

Lets examine this area;

Why Does it Matter if we Have Poor Posture or if the Shoulders Appear Hunched?

To begin with, we all notice it. It does not look good and we feel that our bodies are out of alignment. Something doesn’t seem right. You may not even notice it yourself. Maybe someone else notices your posture or you go to try on a top that doesn’t have a collar and something doesn’t look right…. and you would be correct.

This phenomenon can happen when the spine in the neck has shifted forward. This is termed forward head posture. It can also be known as “military neck” or a “loss of cervical lordosis” or “loss of neck curve”.  This represents a big problem to the spine leading to a variety of different problems including muscular imbalances, muscular weakness and stiffness within the spine itself. This can in the longer term lead to increasingly serious spinal problems.

“Forward Head Posture leads to long term muscle strain, disc herniations, arthritis and pinched nerves.”- Mayo Clinic, Nov 3, 2000

Unfortunately by this stage poor posture can easily have become second nature to us, causing or aggravating episodes of neck pain and interfering with daily living whilst damaging these sensitive spinal structures at the same time.
Hunched back and forward head posture can be the culprit behind the development of many symptoms such as

-neck pain
  • -headaches
  • -stiff neck
  • stiffness and tightness in the upper shoulders
  • pain between the shoulder blades
  • upper back pain

” for every inch of forward head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 lbs.”
 – Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol 3.

So How Do We Prevent the Development of Problems Like These?

Firstly, having correct posture means keeping each part of the body in alignment with the neighboring parts. Proper posture keeps all parts balanced and supported. With appropriate posture (when standing) it should be possible to draw a straight line from the ear, through the shoulder, hip, knee, and into the middle of the ankle.

For those working in an office environment here’s how to set up a workstation in an ergonomically efficient way to help prevent these types of problem and maintain good posture in a seated environment.

How to Create a Perfect Workstation for Both Mind and Body.

  1. Sit up straight with your shoulder blades pulled back and your chin up.

Position your monitor so that the top of the screen is at or just below eye level. One study found that people who tilt their heads more than 3 percent to view their monitor have a 50 percent greater risk of neck pain.
  3. Move your keyboard so that the distance from the edge of your desktop to the J key is greater than five inches.
  4. Use a chair with armrests, which an international task force on neck pain found decreases the risk of neck discomfort.
  5. Place your keyboard so that, while you’re typing, your forearms are parallel to the floor or tilted slightly upward.

The soles of your feet should rest comfortably on the floor (or a footrest) and your thighs should be roughly parallel to the floor.
  7. Remember to take a break every 20-40 minutes to get up, walk around and stretch out.

Unfortunately if you are already experiencing neck pain and have a forward head posture, making these type of modifications will certainly be helpful but chances are you may need some treatment from a chiropractor or similarly qualified health professional with experience in dealing with these disorders on a daily basis. If when you stand sideways and your ears do not align over your shoulders and if you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned it may be time to be checked. Poor posture is  a primary cause of neck pain that unfortunately may be chronic if not managed correctly.

We realise it can be confusing knowing where to choose for your healthcare services. If you, a friend or family member requires care for neck or back  pain, we sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence shown by choosing our services and look forward to helping you in the future.

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Jun 29

Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic shortlisted for Wexford Business Awards 2012

The shortlist for the 2012 Wexford Business Awards was announced by the Wexford Chamber of Commerce on the 25th of May, and Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic were delighted to have been shortlisted for the ‘Best Service Provider Award’.

The Wexford Business Awards, now in their fourth year, is lead by the Wexford Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Wexford County Council, Environmental Protection Agency, Wexford County Enterprise Board and AIB. The awards feature 14 categories plus an overall Business of the Year Award sponsored by Wexford County Council. Each year the awards recognise and celebrate the quality, entrepreneurialism, diversity and talent of businesses throughout County Wexford.

Shortlisted businesses went before before an interview panel on Friday, 1st June. Olivia O’ Leary, Clinic Director represented our clinic before this interview panel. Winners in each of the 14 award categories and the overall winner of Wexford Business of the Year Award will be announced tonight at a black tie Gala Awards Ceremony on in Whites of Wexford.

We at Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic are most certainly looking forward to the Gala Awards Dinner tonight and wish all fellow shortlisted businesses the very best of luck!