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We have more than more than a decades experience in providing evidence-based injury management and rehabilitation services and we offer a one-stop solution for all musculo-skeletal disorders including back pain, both acute and chronic.

The burden and cost of these disorders is significant with the most substantial cost component being lost time from work for employers.

  • The cost to the British economy was estimated at 5.7 billion in 2006 (HSE) with current costs likely to be far higher currently.
  • HSE estimate that 1.01 million people are currently affected each year. On average each person suffering took an estimated 20.5 days off work in that 12-month period.


Why Choose Us?

Increasingly a goal-orientated approach to achieving specific return to work outcomes as well as restoration of employee productivity is being adopted by organisations.

This range of services is proven to be a cost effective solution to musculoskeletal health with significant economic benefits to employers.

Benefits of these programmes include

  • Quicker return to work by the individual employee
  • Reduced sickness absence costs
  • Improvement of the employee's functional ability
  • Retention of skilled staff
  • Improved morale
  • Improved productivity

We can offer your occupational health teams access to our specialist staff, our treatment programmes and administration systems, to assist them in their delivery of an effective occupational health service to your employees. We work in partnership with the occupational health team to supplement the services they provide.

The flexibility we have in our booking and reporting systems ensure that we can efficiently work for small to medium enterprises, large employers as well as insurers.

We ensure that cases referred to us receive the most evidence-based treatments and interventions available.

Your company will have acess to a multidisciplinary team of specialist chiropractors and physiotherapists  ensuring that the best clinical, functional and work outcomes are achieved for all cases referred to us.

Communications and Reporting

We pride ourselves on the reports we provide to our clients. Our reports are customised to our clients’ requirements and provide specific information, which companies may use to make efficient and effective decisions.

Our systems allow us to be a responsive organisation, keeping the promises we make to our clients within the times we specify.

Call us today to discuss how our services may improve productivity and reduce absenteesism in your organisation.


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