Jun 10

Optimal office chair positioning to avoid back pain and neck pain

by Olivia O Leary D.C BSc Hons Chiropractic

987f3cc4ef7b3a03f7b4763e195acfcdIs your chair helping or hindering your back? If you sit behind a desk daily for 8 hours at a time, you don’t have to be doomed to episodes of neck and back pain or repetitive strain injury.

Here at Gorey Family Chiropractic we offer some tips on optimal chair  set up at work to avoid back and neck pain and indeed to help back pain and neck pain through good chair ergonomics.

Proper office ergonomics — including correct chair height, adequate equipment spacing and good desk posture — can help you stay comfortable at work.

With back pain the second largest reason for absenteeism in the workplace, preventative action to help clients combat work induced back pain and neck pain is essential according to research.

The basic features of a good chair are :

  1. Height adjustable
  2. Pelvic tilt on seat
  3. Lumbar support

Consider the following for optimum chair setup :

1.Adjust the height of your chair such that your knees are level or just below hip height and that your feet are flat on the floor; if you a little person you may need a footrest to achieve this.sitting_posture2

2.If your seat has a pelvic tilt, this should be set to a slight forward incline to promote a natural inward lower back curve. In other words, your hips optimally should be higher than your knees to distribute strain out of your lower back and disperse it into the legs.

3.Move the lumbar support so that it fits snugly into the curve of your lower back. This will help to prevent lumbar strain and helps to maintain a straight spine and neck whilst seated.

4. Never sit with your legs crossed! Crossing at the ankles is a preferable alternative.

5. Elbows and forearms should be always level with the desk height. Wrists should not be held in an extended position without support.



Our specialist Chiropractic team are trained and hold extensive occupational health experience both in Ireland and the U.K and are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain, neck pain and other workplace related muscle and joint problems. No referral is necessary. We have x-ray facilities  located on site and offer spinal health screening programmes and ergonomics assessments to companies and organisations to prevent and manage workplace injury.

We also conveniently take clients requiring treatment for back pain through the wholeTwitter-pic-11 process of recovery from initial diagnosis through treatment into rehabilitation exercise where necessary.

For your convenience all of our Gorey Family  Chiropractic team are registered with VHI, Glo, Aviva and Laya Healthcare allowing clients claim reimbursement for back pain treatment from a wide range of private healthcare Insurance providers.

If you are affected by neck pain, headaches, low back pain, back stiffness, nerve pain or shoulder pain  call or email the clinic to arrange an initial consultation with one of our specialist Gorey Family Chiropractic team or to discuss our occupational health services for companies or organisations.

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