It's a busy exciting time of year

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It's a busy exciting time of year!!! Daily stretching and strengthening exercises can help to prevent flare-ups of back pain related to muscle strains and joint sprains that can happen when we're busy or stressed. Perform these three simple stretching exercises daily to help maintain spinal flexibility and prevent low back injury.

If you've recently injured your back, it’s important to improve the flexibility of your back to assist recovery and prevent scar tissue and adhesion forming at the site of injury.
When the acute pain settles, these exercises are the often the first type of exercises recommended to assist recovery. Take it slow, and stop if it hurts.

Importantly if your back pain is persisting, call our clinic to arrange an initial consultation to get your complaint diagnosed so that treatment can commence in a timely manner to assist a full and complete recovery and to receive appropriate advice as to how you should best manage your condition to help it recover

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