Shoulder Pain

When something goes wrong with your shoulder it hinders your movement and can cause pain and even difficulty sleeping.

Shoulder pain is an extremely common reason clients consult Gorey Family Chiropractic and a debilitating one.

Shoulder pain may be caused by a nerve becoming trapped in your neck and spreading pain to your shoulder but other well known causes include injury to the tendons and muscles that move your shoulder (Rotator Cuff injury) and clients have often heard of the condition Frozen Shoulder.

Chiropractors are extensively trained in the assessment and diagnosis of Shoulder disorders and are highly trained and experienced in finding the cause of the Shoulder pain and identifying the contributing factors leading to the injury or problem.

To investigate the cause of a client’s shoulder pain we provide:

  • An Initial Consultation with one of our experienced Chiropractors
  • A Thorough Physical Assessment including Neurological, Orthopaedic, Postural and Flexibility tests
  • A Verbal Report of our Findings and thorough Explanation of any X-Rays or MRI Scans
  • Referral for MRI or Specialist referral if clinically necessary

Depending on the findings of your history and examination, as well as any other relevant information, our chiropractors will recommend to you a tailor made plan of management with treatment and exercise options as appropriate.

We will guide you in how to deal with any contributing factors to your shoulder pain to help it recover fully and to help prevent recurrence of the problem, allowing you to get back to the activities you enjoy.


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