Lumbar strengthening 1: pelvic tilt

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Exercise 1. Banishing back pain and strengthening your Lower Back

These exercises that you will see demonstrated here are based on the recommendations from the Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Low Back Pain.

For ease of reference for patients that we have spoken to about the need for lower back strengthening, please check out this series of videos.

The exercises are a staged progression from mobility and muscular control to exercises that ultimately strengthen your spine, pelvis and hips.

For those that may not have been assessed or are new to care, there is no one size fits all approach to strengthening your back, once your problem has been identified, an individualised programme will be set for you, so have a chat with us first if unsure :-)

1. Pelvic tilt

Lie flat on your back, neck supported and knees bent.
Tighten and contract your tummy muscles as well as the muscles you feel just above your pubic bone and try flatten your lumbar spine into your bed or on a mat on the floor if not.
Hold your contraction for 10 seconds.
Repeat 10 times rest for 1 minute and repeat the series of 10 again.

How many sets you do is guided by your specific problem but in general we will start by mastering control of the exercise and doing 2 sets of 10 twice per day will help achieve this.

If in any doubt, we're here to advise, never be unsure and always ask to get the most effective results!

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