Banishing upper back stiffness.

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Banishing upper back stiffness.

Exercise 1. Reach your arms in front of you and arch your upper back until you feel a good stretch building between your shoulder blades and even in the back of your shoulders and upper arms. Hold for 10 seconds. Then drop your elbows and shoulders down and try to squeeze your shoulder blades together for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times either way.

Exercise 2. Wall Angels; Stand with your spine against the wall and your feet touching the wall at the bottom. Slowly try to keep your fingertips against the wall and draw an arc above your head until your hands meet at the top. Hold momentarily and slowly draw your arc back downwards again. Remember to try to keep your arms lengthened rather than allowing them to bend if you can.

For best result always stretch carefully and give your body time to adapt to new exercises.

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